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Car theft is on the rise so we look at a selection of new and traditional vehicle security devices designed to make a would-be thief think again!

Defender Signal BlockerDefender Signal Blocker - £5

You’d think that new cars with all their modern features were more secure than older ones, but recent figures show that sadly, car theft is on the rise again. Thieves are taking advantage of modern technology to clone signals from the key fobs of cars with keyless entry technology.

Criminals use one box to scan a house from outside for key fob signals, and then transmit those to another box near the car allowing them to unlock and start the car.

This award-winning little pouch is lined with metallic material which blocks that signal from your car fob. Pop your key fob in it, and your car will be protected from signal-cloning criminals. Cheap, simple and effective!

The pouch is big enough to accept your mobile phone, so use it while driving to stop distracting notifications. Your phone will return to normal a few seconds after you remove it from the pouch, and you will be able to catch up on missed calls or messages once you have pulled over and are safely able to do so.

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Stoplock Pro EliteStoplock® Range from £28.99 - Pro Elite £59.99

Fitting a highly visible device like the Stoplock might make a car thief think twice, as the time and effort involved in cutting and removing it would be likely to attract attention. For a limited time only we have reduced the price on this very popular product. Offer ends 2nd September 2018 or while stocks last.

Stoplock has been a popular brand in vehicle security in the UK for over 20 years. Their range of highly-visible, easy to use steering wheel immobilisers are made from high-grade steel and can be fitted in seconds.

The Stoplock Pro Elite provides the most universal fit of all the Stoplock models, and comes with protective case, unique key code and a lifetime guarantee.

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DisklokDisklok – from £119.99

Another award-winning range, the Disklok covers the entire steering wheel, making it very visible to would-be thieves. Built from reinforced steel, it prevents steering, damage and airbag theft, while also protecting the vehicle’s lock barrel from drilling or picking.
Somewhat bulkier than the Stoplock, it is best used when you are parked during the day at work or overnight, and comes with 3 keys, a spare key code, a fitting guide and 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Some quick tips

  1. Park in well-lit public areas or near a security camera where possible, and take all your valuables with you
  2. Check with your dealer in case there have been useful car security system updates
  3. At home, store your keys away from doors and windows and if you have keyless entry, inside a faraday cage or pouch like the Defender Signal Blocker
  4. For parking outside, invest in a highly visible deterrent like the Stoplock Pro Elite or Disklok
  5. Always be vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the police

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